Die Welt ist voller Geschichten. Geschichten über Armut, Ungerechtigkeit und Schmerz...aber genauso auch Geschichten über Hoffnung und Veränderung! Es sind nicht die Geschichten über Ungerechtigkeit, die den Lauf der Geschichte beeinflussen, sondern die Geschichten über die Helden, die für Gerechtigkeit aufgestanden sind und gekämpft haben.

Was wäre wenn Künstler anfangen würden, ihre Kunst für etwas zu verwenden, das über ihre eigenen Zwecke hinaus geht?

Wir haben aus erster Hand erfahren, wie viel Potenzial in jedem Künstler schlummert. Wir haben gesehen, wie Fotos Herzen verändern können und Menschen dazu bewegen das Leben von Kindern zu retten, die aufgrund des Aberglaubens eines Stammes zum Tode verurteilt werden. Die Musik von Mitarbeitern und Studenten war der Soundtrack, der junge Mädchen aus “Garbage-City” in ein Schulungsprogramm geführt hat. Ihre Zeichnungen haben junge Frauen inspiriert die Prostitution zu verlassen und ein Cafe zu starten. Wir haben gesehen, was Künstler auf ihrem eigenen Fachgebiet bewegen können; was würde also passieren, wenn Künstler aus allen Bereichen zusammenarbeiten würden....die Möglichkeiten sind endlos!

Wie will Gott dich gebrauchen? Welche Geschichten will Er durch dich schreiben? Wie willst du deine Gaben, deine Fähigkeiten und deine Kunst  einsetzen, um die Welt zu verändern? Gott träumt von Helden, die mit Ihm Geschichte schreiben…

Bist du einer von ihnen?

Wir glauben, dass jeder kreativ sein kann, aber nicht jeder ist auf dem gleichen technischen Niveau in seinem gewählten Kunstbereich. Manche möchten gerne Profis auf ihrem Fachgebiet werden, während andere vielleicht ihre Kunst nur nutzen wollen, um ihre Liebe zu Gott auszudrücken. Wir glauben besonders an Exzellenz, aber man muss verstehen, dass das für jeden anders aussieht. Abhängig von deinen Fertigkeiten sollte auch der Input deiner Kunstlehrer und Leiter variieren. Wenn du deinen Weg in die Kunst gerade erst beginnst brauchst du Ermutigung and einen sicheren Ort um zu experimentieren. Wenn du auf einem hohen technischen Niveau bist und danach strebst ein Profi zu werden, dann brauchst du ehrliche und direkte Kritik deiner technischen und künstlerischen Fähigkeiten.  Um dafür den richtigen Rahmen zu schaffen werden wir die Kunstzweige in verschiedene Stufen aufteilen:

Anfänger, Mittel und Fortgeschritten. Das wird bestimmen, welche Ziele du dir setzen solltest und welche Erwartungen wir an dich haben. Du wirst durch Interviews und Bewertungen zusammen mit deinem Kunstzweigleiter entscheiden, welche Stufe für dich am besten passt und wo du am meisten wachsen kannst.


The world is bursting at the seams with stories. Stories of poverty, injustice, and pain... but also stories of hope and change! It is not the stories of injustice that will guide the course of history, but the stories of the heroes who stood and fought for justice.

What if artists began to use their art for something greater than themselves?

We have seen firsthand the potential that lives inside every artist. We have witnessed how photographs can change hearts and move people to save the lives of children targeted for death due to a tribal superstition. Staff and student’s music was the soundtrack that led young girls out of  ‘Garbage City’ and into an after-school refuge. Their drawings inspired young women to leave prostitution and start a café. We have seen what artists can do working in their own fields; what would happen if artists from every medium joined together... the possibilities are endless!

How does God want to use you? What stories does He want to write through you? How will you use your gifts, your abilities and your art to change the world? God is dreaming of heroes to write history with him...

Are you one of them?

We believe that anyone can be creative, but not everyone is on the same technical level in their chosen art. Some might wish to become professionals, while others just want to use their art to express their love of God. We believe strongly in excellence, but understand that it looks differently for different people. Depending on your skill level and experience, the input that you need from your track-facilitator should vary. If you are just beginning the journey into arts you need encouragement and a safe space to experiment. If you are at a high skill level and aiming to be professional, you need honest and direct criticism of both your technical and artistic skill. In order to facilitate this we will divide the art tracks into different levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. This will dictate what sort of goals you ought to be setting, as well as the expectations from us. Through interviews and assessments, together with your track facilitator, you will decide which level will be best suited for you and where you will grow the most.


Student exhibition, MOTA 2016/17.


Artists see significance in nothing, beauty in ash, and life in death. What aligns more with Christ's mission than to call the dead to life, to bring beauty from ashes, and to make great things out of seemingly insignificant nothings? God designed us artists, with the ability to create things that have never even entered human minds. He wrote our DNA, 4 billion copies, saying that we are destined to be like Himself, creators. He instilled in every one of us a harsh but glorious reality; we will always question - always wonder who we are and why we are. In all of our own creation, we will seek to find the greatest truth: God's mission for us as artists. That we would be great thinkers, find the treasure He has hidden in the world, love people and speak into the core of man.
The missions world could be easily stereotyped as a tall, lanky, white male, khakis and white socks, bible in hand and his female counterpart standing gracefully in his shadow, long skirt, hair up and not a cent to their names because 'God always provides'. They follow after a noble cause, but where is the greater mission being met when we turn off our partnership to the gifts God speaks into our individual, and we put on a maxi skirt? It is a beautiful thing that God has called us to live by faith through the unveiling of our creativity to the world. God desires our ideas to become tools for bringing his children out of hopelessness into truth. This is a moment that will remain with me forever: Nati, a sickly, homeless boy who danced to our musician's makeshift concert. The weight of all troubles lifted as Nati saw God's spirit in our music. The truth in this is, art leaves a lasting impression, it leaves behind the Holy Spirit, alive and speaking but frozen in the click of a camera, the stroke of a brush, the glance at a dancer's passion, words knit together by a writer, a melody... Any way we as artists choose to allow, God uses as a carrier for his mission. It started with great thinkers, who continued on to find the treasures in the world that point to God's beauty.
This is understood in something as simple as nature. Nature is not primarily functional, it's primarily beautiful. God's main initiative is to bring forth great beauty. This truth guides our mission to find his intention and to make it known. The one way I've discovered that can hurdle any cultural difference and every language barrier is art, and the universal properties is carries. This is where painting on rocks on the riverside went from two crazy artist's - living in their identity - to God using his beauty to touch the people of Jinka, Ethiopia. It started with artists finding God's hidden treasures and progressed into an outward display of love for the people.  
Loving people is easy when you love God, for you gain the eyes He has for His creation. Being an artist makes it easier still to develop a passion for what is created and designed so intricately such as the human being; because of this natural appreciation, taking pictures of teenage tribal girls becomes the art of speaking out identity and showing God's love, it radically contrasts the neighboring tourists who take posed pictures to display to their admirers at home, their luxurious and exotic adventures. This is what sets us apart from the world, a mission, an intentional creation of art for God's glory, for the people, and for the obedience to our written identity, it started with the motivation of loving people and resulted in speaking into the core of man. 
Art connects to people on the deepest level, and the deeper we go, all we can find is an internal desire to live in relationship with our creator. When our core is made vulnerable, a thirst is revealed that only God can quench. Arts and missions is nothing more than honest people quenching their thirst for relationship with The Master Artist, and living out his world mission for salvation. "In the essentials unity, in the nonessentials diversity, and in all things love" (Mark Ross). 




Art tracks, MOTA 2016/17 during lecture phase.